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Mark Khaisman  Philadelphia, PA

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About Mark

What you see are stripes of packing tape, layered and wrinkled over clear Plexiglas panels, mounted on simply constructed light boxes. For years I have been painting glass on the light easel, seeing painting as a process of shading light. I invented my tape technique merely as a more effective way of patching light, and found that it triggers my intuition better. This is poor man’s stained glass, but tape suddenly makes it more alive. It wasn’t a ‘medium” for art until I decided it was; then it was.

Though my work does not fall into easy categories, I see it as a form of painting, in which the precise visual effect is a sum of expressive movements. The 2-inch tape acts as a wide brush, and the light behind the panels as an alchemist’s luminous blending medium. I like to draw in the old master’s sketch style of suggestive precision.

I tend to pick subjects, which juggle material and content in the liveliest way. When I work with classical themes, I am playing on contrast; expensive/cheap, beautiful/ugly. No one looks at the classics anymore; as soon as you use tape, they start looking again.

And this is what you see.

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"Good digital, finite elements. No guessing. Thanks."

"that is sooo awesome i can't imagine how they put the pieces together! =)"

"Great Piece of artwork. Awesome. Keep it up. Try to bring some more of these techniques."

"I love this I can't believe that this is tape. Wow. I would love to see this in person. Genius is right."

"I love the use of alternative media. With everyone trying to"GO GREEN" you have madea real breakthrough. I love your techniqueand the subject matter. GOOD JOB!!!"

"wow this is really cool. true genius."

"it would be nice to see what images you can do without the use of photographic help."

"i love this sepia tone feeling these have...i wouldn't have thought they were packing tape until i read what they were. great idea and awesome execution"

"The depth you were able to achieve with your technique is fascinating! Well done."

"Awsome! This is all made with tape? Thats incredable. I love it ^^"

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