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Eleanor McCaughey  Dublin, Ireland

'Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie'

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About Eleanor

Eleanor McCaughey was born in Dublin, Ireland, and received a BFA from Dublin Institute of Technology.

Her creative practice is an ongoing investigation into the possibilities of painting as a medium. Besides paintings, she also makes sculptures and video.

The themes of her work include but are not limited to violence in media and the effects of globalization.

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"These contain different levels of, and including visceral, perceptions."

"The warmth in these paintings is evident. Ican tell the artist has experienced these every day activities"

"Brilliant work. I love these new paintings. Very fresh and imaginative. Well done Eleanor!"

"It seems like there are a lot of artists who think if you put something shocking in your painting that it's instantly great ....I don;t thin so ..."

"Yikes - I think the message is really unclear. Are those bloody children? Is it just cheap shock value? ??"

"It is a very visually confusing photo. I like."

"What is that?"

"A click on the Artist's Website option opened up offerings that had a much greater impact on my appreciation for this artist's work and range than did the two paintings presented above. If I had time, I could critique better, but, suffice it to say that there are bits that I very much appreciated and bits that I didn't feel as strongly about. She has a good start and will impress more as she progresses."

"My first impression was that the kids were wearing a Pope's hat. The paint looked like blood. I thought maybe this paintng was abour kids who have been abused by catholic priests...such an innocent image of a child painting but tainted by blood. I really like it because it made me think."

"Wonderfully creative and joyous."

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