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Teresa Elliott  Alpine, TX


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About Teresa

Teresa Elliott was raised in Texas, where she nurtured a connection with the animals on her grandfather’s farm. She renders all her subjects in exquisite detail.

‘It became a place and time to know my subject in their entirety,’ she says. ‘The study of animal bodies as landscape and this connection to something limitless keeps the process forever interesting.’

Elliott’s work has been featured in numerous publications and she has received several prizes, including the 2009 and 2010 People’s Choice from Coors Western Art Exhibit in Denver.

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"Wonderful, work , children playing in an mud puddle till happily exhausted in the heat of the Texas summer can feel this one and so much more."

"The children do not appear to be dead or erotic, they appear to be children tired from play at rest."

"I second Gregg... perfectibility narrated.. I find this artist manifesting the magic, of a photo. Glimpse into time and space existing outside of ones moments observing. 2 Thumbs uppers"

"This artist is crazy good! I would never have thought of the boys as dead...quite the opposite in fact!"

"Totally original piece. It's not obvious what is intended and that makes it all the more interesting. Would love to see more from this artist."

"WOW, i love both. At first i was a little confused of its nature whether they are paintings or still shots. The kids' shot reminds me how todays people take away the beauty of the natural environment from the future generation. Consequently, they don't get any other choice but to "enjoy" what is left to them, just the barren and dirty earth. The second shot speaks to me of self, often physical, discontentment. We do not show who we really are because we think we are somehow a little different than who we should be, we cannot accept just who we are."

"I dont like the one with the Children.. It seems what too tragic for me.."

"pic a; adolescence exuberance,a mold of flexibility and firmness mixture"

"I wholeheartedly agree with Gregg."

"This is an absolutely masterful and exquisite work of art. Interesting that some have found it to be disturbing: a totally legitimate reaction, and for me, indicates the absolute success of the piece. It catches your attention immediately - and certainly is jarring. But I have returned to this image over and over since I first encountered it several days ago. I simply cannot shake the impression this painting has made upon me. The beauty of the composition, the joy, tranquility and grace that it evokes is simply magnificent. Yet it still remains jarring. Some found that boys appeared to be dead. The boy with the outstretched arm is almost Christ-like or angelic. There is an eroticism to it, too, which is a little unsettling, given their age - but there and evocative, nonetheless. The girl, in motion as counterpoint to the stillness of the boys, almost seems predatory - or not. The point is, the composition is arresting and evocative. This is not simply "playing in the mud". It is a modern masterpiece of great depth and complexity."

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