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Alberto Seveso  Rome, Italy

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About Alberto

Alberto Seveso is an illustrator living in Rome Italy who combine beautiful vector art with photography to create stunning pieces that you can stare at for hours. Complex patterns and the simple human form are perfectly complemented in Alberto’s work.

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"Only an inspired artist can do this type of work. Amazing work.removals Canterbury"

"Very cool art. Looks very put together and finished. You probably worked very hard. Very graphic."

"This is probably the most interesting pictures i have ever look at. They are so thought-provoking. I will never erase these images from my mind. There is so much to look at! Definite kudos."


"I love the girl covered with the flower. It's attractive and meditative visual image."

"This is a very interesting peace of atr I love it!!!"

"So thought provoking..intelligent and riveting. I agree with abo. Haunting and ethereal come to mind. Love your work."

"I love your work. It makes me want t grab my camera and brush but alas I must study."

"remarkable-and haunting-dreamlike"

"They're beautiful. I love them. I feel like i could reach out and touch their faces."

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