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Lucas Simoes  Sao Paulo, Brazil

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About Lucas

Lucas Simoes studied architecture and design in Brazil and Italy.

His amazingly bizarre collage portraits are made from ten layers, each cut separately, to create the desired distorted effect.

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"Striking, both!"

"nice are awesome..."

"I love them very much!Making things close to real reveals them away from real, whereas making things from un-real then disperes the spiritual of real!"

"I think that it is ridicoulous. Ridiculously creative! It's amazing, intricate designs reminisce of African carvings. Human translation= awesome"

"Ditto CJS.Coin & ACE; how about creating your own work and then critiqueyourself."

"I love these...but man I am getting tired of Coin Iruebenebes ridiculous 'Slight Critiques' on here. It's like dada poetry...but terrible"

"love this alot...its like punching society in the face."

"Great work!"

"Good results from a low skill approach to portraiture. Not that you have to be a master painter to create art, but isn't there something to be admired from the craft as apposed to just result?"

"Cubism,Photoshop,Portraits,curlyshapes. Some interesting stuff-don't need the faces lurking in the background or wearing colorful macaroni on their heads. Keep up the good work, you're on to something, just don't try to cram too much into one frame."

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