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Alex Kanevsky  Philadelphia, PA

'J.W.I. in Her Room'
Oil on wood
'Divine Lorraine'
Oil on wood

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About Alex

Alex told us that he intentionally doesn’t include a bio with his work because he hopes the paintings speak for themselves. I couldn’t agree more and I don’t think he’ll have a problem letting his work do the talking.

Also, if you are curious how paintings evolve to their finished state, check out Alex’s progress pages on his site. There you can see photographs of each stage of three different paintings as they are being completed.

Recommended by our guest curators

Samantha French

Brooklyn, NY artist

"Personally, I think his work has had the most effect on contemporary figure painting. His layered, fluid brush work gives you just enough information. It alludes to something more. I appreciate that he came into his pallet and style later in his career; his years of hard work and investigation has obviously paid off."

Patrick Bremer

Berlin, Germany artist

"The journey Alex Kanevsky's paintings go through is amazing, with entire figures wiped out and painted over again - when you watch them as a time lapse they take on their own animated storyline. The backgrounds become part of the figure and vice versa, hints of past figures push through the layers, the whole painting seems to vibrate."

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10 reactions displayed

"My friend, I look forward to seeing you soon."

"I too am inspired..and challenged...the work is wonderful. Will see it in NY in May."

"i like very very much alex painti hope see him of nearbut im in iran ,its very hard to see his painting and him of near.but i try applay in abroad for master .may can see him on dayi love all your work dear alex"

"j'adore ce que tu fais ...j'aime tes couleurs, ton traitement et l'énergie qui si dégage de tes toiles .... wow bravo!"

"hi, after becoming some what disillusioned with the art world a number of years ago I stumbled across your paintings and am happy to say I'm back to painting. Your work is inspirational, you show a sophistication tat I thought was becoming extinct within the painting community. A simple thanks."

"I just LOVE your paintings ... when can I see them in France ?"

"Alex has been an inspiration ever since I discovered his work. Pushing it"

"Your work is among the most interesting.You work magic with the 4th dimention.Bravo"

"You are one of my favorite artists..I love your work!"

"I saw a painting of yours in Art in America that I not only enjoyed, but I will strive to bring to my work. It is a personal assignment to find an artist that stirs emotion in me to help me on my own visual journey . I appreciate not only the contrast of light, the casual apearence of your stroke, and your choice of color, but the wow factor of your overall piece. Wedding Factor caught my eye first by the factors mentioned above, and then the idea, the controversy of the subject solidified my appreciation. Bravo."

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