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Tim Vermeulen  Chicago, IL

'Sea Charts'
'Spouter Inn'

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About Tim

Tim Vermeulen received an MFA from University of Illinois, Chicago in 1986. Prior to that he studied at Calvin College in Michigan.

His small paintings are figurative and often autobiographical narratives. Formally self-portraiture, these narratives are all based on well-known stories and literature, such as Dante’s Inferno and Homer’s The Odyssey.

Mixing familiar myths with modern and often unsettling circumstances, Vermeulen personalizes these myths and defamiliarizes the viewer. ‘Objects, settings, and human interactions carry symbols of the subconscious,’ he says.

Vermeulen transfers these ancient themes onto a contemporary context and settings to address issues that are either personal, social, political, religious, or all of the above. His aim is to combine memories that are collective with his own personal states of mind.

His work has been exhibited across the United States.

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"I like the fact that you have to look closer to see the whale. It wouldn't mean as much if it was more omnipresent."

"@ Davido, may be that's the point."

""Master of Linear Perspective"? Really looks more like the intuitive perspective of 14th/early 15th century European painters. FWIW: I see a draughtsman/painter obsessed with jumbled dreams about Moby Dick."

"Okay very good!Bravo"

"Excellent work, Lets your imagination run away with the detail and the story of the paintings."

"This is a painting right?It looks so real.WOW!!!"

"The painting of Moby Dick appears to have Captain Ahab, the obsessive man, staring into the frame from an out of perspective room studying the object of his obsession. As I can not read the entire Latin inscription across the top of the picture I can not quite tell what he is getting at. But part of it says, "To increase knowledge, to increase....""

"References to seventeenth century Dutch masters - maps and geometric floor tiles............"

"'Sea Charts' is an excellent example of Vermeulen's understanding of both linear perspective and narrative. However, having illustrated such mastery in the illusion of depth through perspective; I do not understand why the perspective in 'Spouter Inn' is so imprecise. I understand the possible reference to "Moby Dick", and appreciate the realistic rendering of the different elements; but am confused why such a master of linear perspective would have difficulty with floor tiles. If there is a symbolic meaning for this, I'm not getting it."

"Weird. But well done art."

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