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Lya Nagado  London, UK

'Outside The Cave'
'Afterdark Thoughts'

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About Lya

Lya Nagado received an MA from City and Guilds of London School of Art in 2011. Prior to that she studied at Princes School of Traditional Arts and at various schools in Spain and Brazil.

She describes her paintings as evading the first impression and depicting ‘liminal beings’ that are intended to reveal deeper possibility than the eye can perceive—a realm of myth and fantasy in which multiple states of being can exist within one physical body.

Nagado favors materials used in the Late Gothic period because she regards more modern materials as ready-made and mass-produced, and thus incompatible with her goal of finding the intimate connection between past and present. By imagines her laborious process of traditional craftsmanship as the path of our cultural memory to its ancestral and mythical past.

The liminal figures in her work can represent somebody or something of a mixed, hybrid nature or a temporality, she says. Equally, they could signify the fusion of two or more separate beings.

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"Unsettling,... initially. Then demands further definition, still haunting as the observer scrambles for footing."


"very lonely and sad"

"It looks very sad and to me an empty soul!"

"Why does so much modern art have to be so creepy?"

"Unsettling to look at for any length, yet entirely well done and captures deftly the intent of her view. Very telling works. Of her work here and on the artist's website, though all are skilled, sensitive works, for my viewing, I'd prefer more works such as her oil "Miss Georgia", 2010."

"Beautiful yet haunting; showing a sense of loneliness and beauty. Great work."

"It looks alot like a baby doll without eyes. BUt, yet , if you look at it from a view, it seemas like abstract art."

"This image speaks to me of the body as a containment vessel for the soul. It appears haunting, and empty yet still and beautiful. Lovely use of space and superb use of lack of color to emphasize form and content.Linda"

"These break my heart. So beautiful. Thank you."

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