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Tom Robinson  Chicago, IL

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About Tom

Tom Robinson became an artist at the age of 27, upon being discharged from the navy. He studied design at Ohio State University.

Using wood, watercolors, oil, acrylic, glass, and industrial components such as aircraft cable and clamps, Robinson explores art forms such as figure drawing, sculpture, furniture design, light fixtures, and construction in depth. His dominating influences are Bauhaus, Alberto Giacometti, Joseph Cornell, Horst Janssen, Art Moderne, and William Kentridge.

In collaboration with others he helped to establish the Chicago Artists Month, an event that explores the different communities in Chicago and provides inspiration for working artists across the city. His work has been exhibited across Chicago.

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"I love the variety of your work. What most intrigues me about your work is the texture. I wish I could see these up close and personal to see the quality. I have seen several works you have done, and each one is different. Some look as though that the composition is overlapped in oils and spaded over the ontrast, and some seem to have a unique simplicity to the canvas, with an almost airbrushed effect. I do like the work I've sen so far. As for the mirror images, I find that the subjects are too far apart, so I personality get an objectivity without a relationship connection. It's hard to describe, but for me this work stands alone, and my comment is that I wish that they were looking in the same direction, with an overlapping quality of oil over oil and spading the texture. As a whole though, I like your work, but I would be careful out there in the art world with critics that will intellectualize the work. It is compelling though, I must say. thank you for what you have shown and there are a lot of this kind of imagery has become very competitive, and the genre seems to be catchy lately. Good luck, I hope you get seen more. I personally would love to know a price range yu might have. I would love to collect some of your work. Poco"

"I like the way the shadow defines the impact and emotion associated with the image. We are defind not by who we are sometimes.. but by the impression we leave."

"these works are so appealing to me. i strongly disagree with the tone of comment made by sidney. these works both have such intensity of spirit and evoke a sense of "who am i? how do i/others see me?""

"His work helps me to see myself, others and the world around me in new and unexpected ways -- and isn't that what art is all about? I believe yes. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Maestro Robinson."

"Thank you...I enjoy your work."

"I love how it looks like wood, but i would like them better if there was only 1 image."

"You get to their souls, Tom. The wood lives and breathes again. Colleen"

"At first glance, beautiful. Subsequent glances are much more engaging, finding interesting details of layering. The somewhat "book-matched" technique of opposing faces is wonderful."

"Very masterfully done and expresses the times in which we live,for women these days adore themselves.Don't be dismayed,their time of honoring themselves is over!"

"I was just going to say you portraits look like they wereinlaid in wood . . . and in fact they are! Look foward toseeing you and your recent work during Chicago Artists Month."

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