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Amanda Joy Calobrisi  Chicago, IL

'Broken Blossom'

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About Amanda Joy

Amanda Joy Calobrisi received an MFA in painting and drawing from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008.

Her paintings is to investigate an adult distinction between reality and fantasy that is apparently lacking in younger children. In her work boundaries between animate and inanimate are blurred and objects interact with human figures.

More recent paintings have focused in particular on the relationship between humans and cats and is is founded on alternating feelings of narcissistic self-absorption and need for love and attention, respectively.

Cat lovers transmit their hopes, fears and desires upon their cats, while these simply dream of the wild, says Calobrisi.

Her work has been exhibited in solo shows across Illinois.

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"I STRONGLY disagree with Holly. It is only by recognizing the child in each of us that frees us to truly undertand and to love ourselves! I love the work - captures the magic of Alice in Wonderland."

"I like the reasonings of the rather well-written artist's statement more than I enjoyed the paintings and other works on the artist's site. If the works had as much depth to them as the artist's statement, I'd be likely to give a higher score. There were exceptions here and there, e.g. "Figments of Margaret's Imagination 1", 2008. Otherwise, I see an artist searching and striving for greater skill and self-exploration, but still with a ways to go in her development. I would urge her to grow beyond what appears to be working only from quick photographic sources and (as would also urge yesterday's Artistaday artist) to push away from the trend of reproducing or juxtaposing wallpapers as a theme or source of background. The wallpaper thing seems to be a "fast food" choice in what otherwise could be a "fine dining" experience based on the talent she does show as real and of potential depth and unique insight."

"Hi, am taking Art: 2-D Design class at NEIU.Many of the concepts that we have learned in 1st 2 weeks of lecture can be visualized by observing your above paintings.Am glad that by taking the class it brings a whole new light to wonderful forms of art that I never grasped before. These pieces in itself are whimsically playful, yet have a dusky inner quality within all that popping bright vibrancy.May I send copies to my fellow classmates?Thanks"

"wow, another artist that paints them self posing. snore and a half."

"Dear Chris Reimer,, annie."

"I love your painting i kinda draw and paint myself I want to learn how to paint."

"Awesome work!!!!! U Rock!!! I Love the Child in U!!!! Your Self Expression is Wonderful!!!"

"The child in all of us."

"Taken out of context of the artist's body of work and intentions, here is another symbolic image of a grown woman willingly subverting her own power to stay childish and helpless. What the artist has to say is much more interesting, but on the internet this particular image looks like more Hello Kitty mindless candy."

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