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Hani Zurob  Paris, France

'Waiting #05'
'Flying Lesson #08'

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About Hani

Hani Zurob was born in 1976 in Rafah, a Palestinian city in the southern Gaza Strip. In 1994 he moved to Nablus to study Fine Art. After graduation in 1999, he settled in Ramallah.

In 2006 Zurob received a grant enabling him a residency at Cité internationale des Arts in Paris.

Since then his work has been exhibited in Paris, Atlanta, Marrakech and Dubai. In 2002 he was awarded the Young Artist Prize by the A.M. Qattan Foundation in Palestine.

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"A Powerful statement and Juxtiposition asking Why? Zion would Construct in parallel and Entomb themselves from the Entire World like the Berlin Wall and separating Palestinians?"

"Possibly the best i have seen here yet. So expressive!"

"Wonderful piece of art---behind the child are impassive columns reminiscent of ? buildings, flags, power, the maze of 'civilization' and in front of them, the heartrending image of a small child immersed in the violence of our world. The problems of youth are a legacy of our violent world."

"The works shown on the artist's website are powerful, powerful. I've seen the physical, social and emotional fall-out of the divides in the part of the world where the artist grew up. I've seen both sides of that continuing struggle. This artist is a powerful voice for himself and his people. He captures the feelings and day-to-day realities very well. By viewing and coming to understand his works, his side of the story and barriers, perhaps peace and understanding have a greater chance for all. Many of the works on his site have greater, easier to pick up on impact than the two works shown here. He is still learning and growing. I'll look forward to seeing more in the future."

"Amazing... make me think, “That’s the future we are building for the next generation? The violence we are living everywhere, who is the responsibility? How can we solve this? The open space makes me feel that, still difficult, with a global effort we can get through and construct a great future…"

"Trovo attraente e un po' inquietante l'espressione del bambino , il volto leggermente rialzato che guarda alla nostra sinistra..ha un'aria di sfida tipica dei bambini,molto mitigata dalla dolcezza dello sguardo e insieme sembra ignaro,sollevato. seduto su quella trave come fosse sospeso sopra a qualcosa di molto lontano e molto piu' grande"

"I find it an amazing work of art...I see a child indifferent to life...he holds a gun in his hand dripping with this to say our youth is out of control? I see the doors they appear to me to offer no choice to the child...both our saddened by violence the color represents heat, anger, perhaps. IMO"

"MLK ribbon ?"

"Great piece of art work! Totally retro with a very modern appeal to it. It is unique in the subjects and the colors used just the same."

"The children give such life to their surroundings! Wonderful!"

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