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David Soukup  Chicago, IL

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About David

David Soukup started his career working as a spray paint stencil artist in Chicago. Gradually he has found ways to evolve his process and adopt new ideas. Likewise, his work has grown more complex and personal.

Using a variety of techniques and media—multiple types of acrylic, latex, enamel paint, spray paint—Soukop strives to depict urban landscapes in their greatest detail. His meticulously hand-cut stencils are created from a mix of his own photographs and found imagery.

His work has been exhibited across the United States and in Australia.

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Garry Booth

Owner, Phone Booth Gallery

"David Soukup is one of the most compelling stencil artists working today. In a medium largely populated with simple throw-ups and clever quips, Soukup creates his multi-layered stencils of architecture and portraiture -- some taking nearly 100 hours each. He is experimental, but with a strict dosage of patience and confidence."

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"I love this kind of art but with his work I don't feel engaged. I appreciate the separation from humanity that an urban landscape and lifestyle can create - but it's almost as though his work tries to bridge the gap, but just misses. I look forward to seeing his work evolve."

"great artwork that make me think and acknowledge ..."

"Yeah I'm really digging this work. i like to consider this Cool Art because even people who don't follow Art would like it. While it would succeed in the masses, it still holds pedigree as an artist because it's so well layered and can definitely be interpreted. Not to mention what TMS said about his process: very true. Kudos to the artist, very impressed."

"I was very impressed to see the artist's process as shown in stages of stencil then printmaking on his website. The fact that this work is derived from intricately hand-cut stencils, and not a "cheap" Photoshop or pasted collage technique, was a welcome and impressive revelation. Good, graphic and sellable art."

"whoa, these are beautiful!"

"these would look great on urban outfitter t-shirts."

"omg so cool it is like their walking on water"

"Mundo Carne, Hotel Hanoi? JFK in Dallas Texas? It's very imaginative art. Good God, don,t jump!"

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