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Amy Shackleton  Toronto, ON, Canada

'Natural Reflex (Calgary + Banff)'
'Bedrock (Calgary + Banff)'

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About Amy

Amy Shackleton has developed a unique process, earning the title “gravity artist.” She applies paint with squeeze bottles and rotates the canvas to guide each drip as it falls down the stretched surface. Her calculated, yet spontaneous process mimics the duality of her urban/natural landscapes. Shackleton’s paintings are inspired by her global travels and photographs. She fuses urban and natural locales to illustrate her vision of the future—a future where cities welcome the natural world. Shackleton has exhibited paintings in Canada, USA and the UK. Her works adorn dozens of private and corporate collections across North America. A time-lapse video of her process has reached over 1,100,000 people, sparking international television interviews, magazine articles and extensive online coverage. Shackleton holds a BFA Honours Degree from York University.

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"very pretty. I like the color choices:)"

"very cool. kind of apocoliptic, a future without mans influence"

"A beautiful partnership between industrial and natural imagesthat blend without being "forced". I like the heck out of it!I hope to see more of Amy's works."

"Magnificent! I'd buy both of them."

"I love looking at each 'artist of the day', but I really wish google would specify the medium of each piece, be it oil painting, watercolor, photography, sculpture, etc... With this artist, it is fairly clear, but it is not always as easy to tell. Just a thought = ]"


"Very...VERY cool."

"ooo i was soo shocked when i saw these picture at first i though that it was taking by a camar WOW"

"very beautifull i love the message"

"your method of painting (without brushes/dripping)omg its just really colourful and interesting love it"

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