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Tony Hong  Los Angeles, CA


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About Tony

Tony Hong was born in 1977 and received a BFA in psychology from UCLA in 2000.

He works exclusively in ink in the pursuit to explore every possibility of the exhaustive medium. A self-proclaimed ‘simple line maker,’ Hong nonetheless aims to maximize on every stroke.

The immense detail he brings to each illustration is a compulsion, says Hong. ‘My work needs to leave him completely exhausted if I am to attain a sense of relief.’

His work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, his hometown.

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"Wow, I didnt know someone could top me in art like this. I have detailed work just like this and it took me hours and hours to get it right, so I know what the artist is refering to as it gives him a sense of relief once the picture is complete. This kind of art is very addictive! Well done Tony!"

"Yes Tony."

"I find this so, so beautiful and so amazing. Very wonderful."


"Though they are in black and white, the pieces seem to be full of color."

"Something like this would be nice on the living room wall.Delightful"

"How do you get so much depth with just paper and ink???Incredible! I thought the picture was layered fiber art."

"Really original and excellent design and execution. Thanks for brightening my day!"


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