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Marchal Mithouard  Evry, France


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About Marchal

Marchal Mithouard is a graffiti artist whose work has gradually evolved from basic to his present, unique brand of three-dimensional street art.

His foremost influences include Vincent van Gogh, Le Caravage and Expressionism.

Using exaggerated perspective and realism, Mithouard aims for his human figures to jump out at the viewer. The themes of his recent paintings are revolt and rebellion.

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"So much energy and beauty."

"Whoa! Flashback... Peter Max meets Timothy Leary...again!Nice clean 'forced perspective' Really gives you the 3rd dimension, which must be challanging with that much potential camoflage involved!... now pass the sugar cubes; I take three lumps."

"Brilliant! Give me more!"

"Amazing! I love how you can differentiate each person and actually see the emotions, pure emotions, of the drawings. I love it!"

"I was drawn right in. I can only imagine how magnificent and moving these must be in person. Wicked cool!"

"I wish I could like at her art as much as I want to, but being an artist myself, I find it a bit over the top, but then again, what artist isn't?"

"Brilliant! I LOVE the color, excitement, layers, contrast, feeling of Marchal Mithouard's "You" picture! What a talented artist! I hope to see more of his exeptional work VERY soon! In fact, going to google some more of his work right now... haha ;)~!Sarah!~"

"I personally do not like this. I am not picky with things, but this art work is not impressive. It doesnt tell a story, or at least an inviting one. Though the use if facical expressions are a little cool."

"This is very original/unique in its own right. I think it takes us to another dimension and this is what art is all about for those who wish to expand their mind. Those who close their minds off-tend not to show their best works.Congrats on an amazing piece."

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