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Vincent Hui  Los Angeles, CA

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About Vincent

Vincent moved to the states from Hong Kong to attend college. He’s a recent graduate of Art Center College of Design and is currently living in Los Angeles.

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"ooh creepy....i like it!"

"My nightmares have been alot worse than that. I only wish I could bring mine out in picture like this artist has. It terror out in most people."

"Vincent Hui is one of the finest living artists I have seen. Fully expressed, beautiful painting."

"This guy is incredibly talented."

"i was going to say something insightful, but i looked at his website...i'm"

"I can't believe this guy got only 3.5 stars last year. I have seen a lot of gruesome, grizzly, horror type paintings in the last few months on here in 2009, but these are the best I have seen on here so far. I am not an art expert, but for me these are unique in their expression, are very complicated and yet exude a feeling of subtle gruesomeness entwined with beauty. I love both of these."

"oh my god, that first picture is unbelievable. it is such a strong,thought provoking art piece. i just can look at it forever and still realize new details. it's terrifying yet tantilizing. its like watching a train wreck. gorry, scary, spine chilling, realistic figments of our child like imagination. its something everyone has experienced. that face in the ceiling as your lying in bed trying to fall asleep, and that man in your dreams who comes back to scare the living shit out of you, no matter how old you are. the second piece is so odd to me. its as if, this is a normal occurance to the people in the painting. oh yeah dead body, what can i take of this? the distorted features and the faces that you cant see in perfect detail, just devouering this corpse. its again a terrible yet tantilizing painting. a close second to the one on the top"

"the first painting struck me to the core it is an excellent depiction of my childhood nightmares if i were to express it this is how i would choose to do so excellent an award winner the 2nd seems to be bordering on the insane rantings of a cerial killer didnt like it so much sorry it reminded me of living in the house of my mother and step father patricia and romeo baca 2 sick individuals"

"i have never studied art but i know what my eyes like."

"Vincent is one of the best to ever come out of that school. Amazing artist"

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