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Jean-Pierre LeClercq  Aubignan, France

'La Belle Endormie'

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About Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre LeClercq is a traditional painter who works exclusively in pencil, pastel, and paint.

His current approach borders on realism, but also includes romantic and symbolist elements.

LeClercq usually paints nude female figures, intended to evoke a positive emotion in the viewer.

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"'Dichotomie' resonates with me, I like the unspoken dialogue and emotion conveyed. I see a lot more going on in this painting than just the obvious.I think they are the same person represented in two conflicting parts. One is the positive version, she is light, happy, confident. The other is dark, unhappy, and weak.Maybe it's a man against himself type of situation. Two opposing sides of self battling for control. On a side note, I want to put this on my blog with an artist credit, please respond to my comment if that's okay, thanks! I hope you paint more pieces like 'Dichotomie' :)"

"Simply but genuine, the smiling image is not with kindness. Who says that evil will be in white? Evil is cunning and has effortless strength, and almost always is presented with a smile. A master of manipulation and trickery. That is why children are so vulnerable to it. I looked at 'Dichotomie' for probably thirty minutes or more. There is a lot more going on with emotion than there is with color. I am impressed with both."

"I love the second picture. I believe in a way it is sensual. A very interesting :)"

"Magnifique JP!:D"

"About my work :Sorry if my way is not enough interesting.Soft porn? I don't think so : maybe erotic... I love the women, especially one.About Dichotomy, something furthermore to help your reflexion :- The whole title would be Schizophrenic Manichean Dichotomy,- The devil is generaly on the left,- Smiling is not always kindness's privilege,- What face is against the daylight, lit by a reddish light from below?Sorry for my poor english"

"in "Dichotmie" the woman in black has her elbow too far on the edge, it scares me. also, i feel as if she is the mother of the girl in white. overall, its nice :)"

""Good Me" wrestles for power over "Bad Me"."Bad Me's" elbow is sliding off the table because the "Good Me" iswinning.Maybe an explanation. Don't ask me why "Bad" is usually black or dark. Aren't most of us afraid of black shadows in the dark?It is so skillfully painted that it might as well be a photograph. I think this artist should use his talent in a more interesting way. The rest of his art in the Gallery I would classify as soft porn.Lot of luck"

"RE Dichotomie - Reveals that there is an alpha persona even in the female world. The lady in white is dominant...Lighting puts her in white light, but the position of their arms and her smile indicates that she wins. She also appears younger than her 'opponent'...and no, this is not a 'greeting'."

"The subject matter is boring. I guess it could be good against bad. If black is bad, then bad or evil is not feeling very confident today. Or maybe the zealot in white is just over confident."

"Are you sure they are arm wrestling.....Perhaps just a greeting!!!"

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