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Blaine Fontana  Bainbridge Island, WA

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About Blaine

Born in Seattle, WA and raised on Bainbridge Is., Blaine began his interest in art at a young age. Always encouraged to use his imagination, he continued to study and practice the arts whenever available, two high schools, community college and later OTIS college of art and design in Los Angeles, CA. Blaine left with a BFA in Communication Art/Design at the top of his class with the ‘Best in Show’ award that is presented upon Graduation in 2002.

During School he worked as an Art Director at a cutting edge design firm (Abound LLC.) and also as a Graphic Designer at a Fashion/Lifestyle Magazine (Metro.Pop). Recently Blaine had worked as an Art Director at a young men’s apparel company (Drifter), but in January of 2003 he decided to leave the 9-5 world and be self-employed as a fine artist and designer.

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"I LOVE it. Both."

"Feb '08 and only just now Artist-a-Day is onto Blaine Fontana - Talk about living under a rock! - I digress. These 2 paintings are fantastic albeit very small sample from this prolific and creative talent. Keep up the great work, Blaine!"

"Your work is truly amazing!The way you created this artwork is simply stuning,and captures one eye.I really love the fish painting because of the uniquie and expressive way you used such odd creatures.Such a beauty to look at.Keep painting!!!"

"I love your work! It's very fresh and clean and alive."

"love the goldfish. in his natural element but out of his natural environment at the same time."

"Fish: Incongruent juxtapositions of both color and substance work really well in the imaginative context that you have provided, grounded by vintage wallpaper outside the "bowl." Raw, vigorous talent with an eye to see beyond. Good work, Blaine."

"this is great!! just what i love to do~ mix color and patterns, in a graphic, in your face way. and it is still very pleasing. lovely."

"Really lovely. I like the goldfish better than the other but both show your freedom of expression."

"I love what you've done with the contrast of each color. I especially like the fish painting. It brings a certain feeling that makes me feel good."

"the fish picture was not the best picture I have ever seen before. It it is weird and it is freaky"

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