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Thom Surman  Laguna Beach, CA

'3rd Tuesday'

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About Thom

Thom Surman focuses in his work on the natural elements earth, sky, and water.

His paintings are intended to record the interactions and constant fluctuation between these elements, blurring the divide of landscape painting and abstract fields of color. He is interested not in static scenes but to create a movement of light and color, within a single painting or across a series of paintings.

Surman works exclusively in oil, applying a great many layers of varying opacity onto canvas ‘in no particular order.’ The resulting images that constantly changes in different lighting conditions. In this way he hopes to provide the viewer with a different experience of the landscape.

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"Thom just shared STARGAZE and the way he transitioned the ocean to the clouds was magnificent with the interaction of light in different areas along with a hypnotizing thought of nature about reveal its self."

"Remember surfing with him through high school. He has come along way and nice artwork. Still remember his train work when he was in his art school days."

"Witnessed the emergence of this Artist YEARS ago with his work on "The Belvedere"......a classic"

"I am lucky enough to have this man be my uncle and my birthday present this year was one of his spectacular works of art! I know it is now a family heirloom and one day my grandchildren will hang his beautiful art in their own home!!!!"

"gorgeous art. I love Thoms 3rd Tuesday!"

"Truly beautiful work."

"wow, cool, very awesome, love the colors of the sky and how it all looks like you are in a deam, very nice work/paintings. I love nature myself and I appreciate everything that has to do with them, especially when there are such colors used."

"definitely took plenty of talent and skill along with time and commitment. I like this piece of work a lot with the contrast between the foreground and the background. Nice Work!"

"I just love it. Beautiful and calming."

"very nice, some abstract that clearly took talent and doesnt look like 'fridge art'"

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