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Renaud Marion  Paris, France

* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About Renaud

Renaud Marion’s Attraction series captures wild animals and explores their relationship to a human public.

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"Sorry folks, these are stuffed animals and not dangerous at all.I don't think very much of this. It is funny, a prank, unfortunately it doesn't make me think or feel anything. It made me smile, that's about it. Sorry."

"...Interesting, "YES"....but just imagine a BAD response from these animals....remember Steve Irwin?"

"Are these animals alive or stuffed?"

"this rhino got a huge penis...i heard of him..."

"I think those people should not make any sudden moves!"

"Elephant in the room....Rhino in the road !"

"Joshua: Your comment made me lol. :) Now I can't NOT see it!"

"Interesting. Did you get releases from the animals? Were they even asked if they wanted to be surrounded by crowds of people?"

"I really like how these pictures showing the populace being utterly intrigued and interested in the animals, rather than frightened. Those animals could easily ruin anyone's day if they wanted to.And yet, I can only imagine Ace Ventura in that Rhino."

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