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Nacho Ormaechea  Paris, France

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About Nacho

Nacho Ormaechea studied illustration and graphic design at Ecole Estienne, Paris, and is now a professional a freelance art director and designer.

Ormaechea prides himself on opting for practical over trendy solutions. His education and good grasp on photographic technique enables him to stage and shoot original and powerful images, and thus meeting the expectations of demanding clients.

Solitude and reflection are important to him. ‘My days, and I guess some of yours too, are full of overflowing information invading my computer,’ he says, including ‘too much visual material meant to “nourish our inspiration”.’ Space and distance is needed, he suggests, to formulate our own thoughts.

In his own practice, Ormaechea aims for creative freedom beyond specifications, deadlines, or budgets—only a strong desire to create for the need to express.

His work has been extensively exhibited in Paris.

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"good golly this is a fine exhibit, never before have i witnessed such a diverse array of beauty."

"I think these images are showing what the persons are thinking about, the first is a druggie and only cares about the moment. The second one may have a daughter or want a baby. Very deep images... I love them."

"Very original! I like the art."

"Yes I really like the first one. A perfect composition of current urban art! Impressed!"

"I LOVE your work - very enticing."

"it draws my attention nice work!"

"I like the top one : Naughty & Party. I feel that naughty party know that raised eye brow look that screams JOHN BELUSHI. If the guy in the picture would just turn his head, he would be giving us a great naughty but nice grin."

"i love them"

"Looks great."

"I can't stop staring at these... And I don't know why..."

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