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Marcela Bolivar  Cali, Colombia

'Sulfur V'
'Sulfur III'

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About Marcela

Marcela Bolívar is a digital artist and designer who since 2004 has focused on photo montage. All her work is based on real photographs. These go through a heavy process of transformation, assemblage and detail that puts them closer to a pictorial expression.

Her images are a collection of memories and personal symbols trapped in solitary worlds where raw human nature talks through complex disguises. Bolívar is in the process of writing an extensive thesis about her work.

Recommended by our guest curators

Shawn Frederick

Photographer and Director

"Being more of a purist within the photographic image-making process, I often gravitate towards a more analog theory. But here, I truly find Marcel’s work revealing and layered that captures my imagination and stirs me to look deeper to seek more."

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"This is incredible, can prints of these be purchased?"

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