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Jared Deinlein  Chicago, IL


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About Jared

Jared Deinlein was born in 1987 and is a self-taught painter.

His visual artwork comprises principally of stop-motion animation films and hyper-realistic oil paintings of friends and acquintances.

Apart from painting, Deinlein is a musician. He plays Jimi Hendrix-influenced guitar in the instrumental post-rock band “IO.”

He lives in Chicago, spends much of his time reading, and offers private drawing and painting tuition.

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1 comment from the artist

"I'm the artist Jared. The second image is a study of apnea by lithium used with permission which is why the name is the same."

8 reactions from users displayed

"Hipster art, and sophomoric at that. Keep, (um), studying painting and maybe in about 10 or 15 years it will have more depth and more of an interesting context as well as content. These paintings albeit not horribly painted are repetitive in character, hipster indie youth overload."

"The second one is great! Don't like the first one at all."

"Reasonably well painted and there is a small attraction simply as color studies. After touring the artist's website, however, I failed to any one work that I would want on my walls."

"Wow. Really nice use of color and technique"

"She was a model / girlfriend of an alternative photography business / photographer called "Lithium Picnic". Since the title is "Apnea", her actual model name - i'm assuming he got permission from the photographer. There was a big lawsuit involving him and Suicide Girls."

"I love the art, but the type of art doesn't interest me."

"These are beautifully painted! I have to wonder where he got the reference photo for the second painting, as I have seen this image as a photo in other places on the web. I hope either he took the original photograph or got permission from the original artist."

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