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Maia Flore  Paris, France

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About Maia

Maia Flore is a French artist born in 1988 and educated at l’Ecole des Gobelins, Paris. Her photography is inspired by what she perceives as the boundaries between reality and unreality. One way to challenge the mundane everyday is to reveal surprises within it, says Flore.

Her subjects are young women being levitated by objects. Flore wishes to emphasize the attraction the girls feel towards their new, boundless surrounding, and the lightness of the reality they are entering into. Their contorted movements is meant to articulate a contrast between physical limitation and the limitlessness of imagination.

Flore is signed to Agence VU, a creative agency. Her work has been exhibited in France.

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"i love how there is a woman soaring through the sky.....almost like a cloud or she's flying through the sky..."

"I recommend that the viewers of this work take a peak at the artist's website. I re- evaluated my rating (for the better!) after seeing how much more versatile she could be."

"I like the effect she is aiming for. The second bed rising is more aesthetically pleasing than the first, to me."

"Ahh Dreams! Love these!!!"

"The one with the bed frame and white bedding or veil as a "transporter" is so allegoric, it does not need words. Maia is a very young artist. She must paint."

"Reminds me of Katie Bell in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when she touched the cursed necklace"

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