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Marie-Josee Roy  Montreal, QC, Canada

'La seductrice'
'Entrelacs 3'

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About Marie-Josee

Marie-Josée Roy received a BFA from University of Québec in Trois-Rivières in 1992.

She offers us a spirited poetry within the various paths to multi-faceted and vibrant characters. Metalwork is her primary medium. As a material, metal is a cold and hard.

Roy transforms it with a hammer, little by little, and creates 2D and 3D sculptures which she describes as ‘visual passages of light, warmth and a humility concerning humanity.’

Her work has been exhibited in New York, Boston, and Miami, as well as in Canada.

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"cast me a bottle Mr Jones"

"I find the first picture disturbing (but still very well done)I love the second! The detail on the mans arm is great!"

"We're right now finishing shooting // editing for a film with Marie-Josée Roy.This film will showcase her sculpture work, in an unusual way...All Marie-Josée Roy's fans, follow the project"

"It like a new Madusa. Really cool Too."

"Impressionant! Je regarde qui est "artist a day" chaque jour et vous vous démarquée completement! J' adore votre travail, cela m'interpelle et me rejoins énormement.Merci de votre beau travail je suis inspirée.Claudia"

"I really love these, I've been looking for an artist of this kind. Neat stuff! Curious about the metalwork..."

"This is an amazing example for me of The Goddess. The impression I received after seeing this was so strong, she practically moved off of the page. Her hair full of old ancient wisdom. Her body not visible. This is magical. Thank you for your inner light."


"I really like your artwork. The white technical draft-like sketches (or whatever they are) give a unique dimension to the art."

"love the paintings over metallic and the collaboration of etching over it."

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