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Caroline Larsen  Toronto, ON, Canada

'Kiss Me Kate'
'MSC Napoli'

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About Caroline

Caroline Larsen is an emerging artist based in Toronto, Ontario.

Her paintings are defined in two senses by her decision to use oil with no added thinner or filler. It lends sculptural elements, but also a powerful aroma that wears off only two to three years after completion.

Her work has been exhibited at Angell Gallery, Toronto, Cambridge Galleries, and The Cheaper Show, Vancouver. She has been mentioned in numerous publications; her Gone with the Ghost exhibition at Artspace Triangle Gallery was rated a Must See Show by Now Magazine.

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"Caroline Larsen's work has progressed tremendously, as she has evolved her unique technique and subject matter. I would suggest that you look at her new work which you can find at her website or at the Craig Krull Gallery website. She is doing some important work"

"well, its unique"

"Dear J. You were rather angry about my comment, this wasn't my intention. Apologies. I try to state that I admire! Miss Larsen for her technique, as far as I know probably unique! in the world. However the 2nd part is about what! she is depicting. No, I'm not! an art expert and do not intend to profile myself as such, but I do know that for me! a piece of art has to do something with me emotionally or intellectually, eventhough I admire her technique, I'm not thrilled about the content. Surely craftsmanship doesn't always equal art?"

"I would rather see this in needlepoint."

"why paint to make it look like tapestry or similar? It's very clever, but I cannot see the point and no, the subject matter is not engaging except to make us look at it more, perhaps, because of the strange technique...I'm not sure. Not inspiring though, alas."

"Very interesting"

"The styles is very interesting, althought the subject matter shown here isn't my cup of tea (or coffee). I'd like to see her work in person. It probably shows better than it does here."

"OMG...A knitted Kate!! Genius!"

"What is most important here in my opinion, is the fact that she makes trompe l'oeil in a photorealistic way, which depicts an Art Naif form (Tapestry) to depict elements our popular culture. I am not particularly moved by it, but I find it interesting to say the least."

"Interesting. I thought it was needlepoint at first glance. I would imagine this is very tedious work."

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