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Alison Brady  New York, NY

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About Alison

My work is a series of color photographs that work to stimulate unconscious emotions, desires, and sexual compulsions, all unified within a dynamic that vacillates between the real and the fantasized. I explore issues related to madness and alienation as they exist in contemporary culture, concentrating on expressions of neurosis, on feelings of anxiety, displacement, and loss of identity.

These emotions are depicted in terms of visual conflict through my imagery, and manifested in terms of grotesque exaggeration. While investigating issues related to the unconscious, elements such as eroticism, twisted humor, and horror come across. I strive to create dichotomies between the sensual and the horrific, the beautiful and the destructive; the result, I hope, is a body of work comprised of deeply emotional and disturbing depictions of the unknown, staged imagery that functions on a metaphorical level, and inanimate objects and settings serving to illustrate the inner workings of the unconscious.

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"Alison Brady's second solo at Massimo Audiello Jan. 8th 2009 from 6-8 pm Please come byMASSIMO AUDIELLO526 West 26th StreetNO. 519New York, NY 10001TEL: 212.675.9082 FAX: 212.675.8680"

"I love your work, for some reason I keep coming back to this website just to see these pictures. They really got me thinking and I would like to see more of your work!"


"Wow! nice photograph! Yuo have a strange talent^__^"

"its beautiful"

"i love your work. i'm a painter and usually not too into a lot of photographers but your work is stunning, erotic, intriguing, dark, mysterious, degrading, grotesque, beautiful and captivating. really. wonderful work."

"Tried to see more images but couldn't get links on her website to work. Googled more images and found them very disturbing and VERY interesting. Would love to see more!"

"i'm in love with the attention to detail and the backgrounds chosen for the photographs. beautiful! especially the ones with bolder colors!"

"the first shot seems emotionally lacking, and seemingly so; truly alone and overtaken.the second shot is overwhelmingly simple, yet fully detailed and intense in every way imaginable.while my unconscious isn't stimulated, as far as i'm "aware," my conscious was kicked into overdrive.great compositions."

"Cindy Sherman, anyone?"

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