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Erika Yamashiro  Tokyo, Japan

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About Erika

Erika’s work has a dreamlike quality to it making it easy on the eyes and the mind. She will make her US Debut in a group show at project:gallery in L.A. in April 2008.

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"These pieces are so relaxing. What are the animals doing by the scissors though?"

"Lindo o trabalho da �rika... estou encantada com as imagens lúdicas, criativas..."

"Inspired beautiful tranquility! Hi-5 Paw!"

"This is a stunning peice of art"

"I love the idea of the human being not quite of the nature...does she aspire to be more of the nature, does she wonder what she would have to sacrifice to leave all constructs behind? I see her as bold, sure of herself, unafraid of crossing over, away from all man-made things. Perhaps the suggestion of smile shows she has discovered the secret...a peace-making secret."

"Your work is simply beautiful."

"This is so beautiful. I love it!"

"I Love your work it is so soothing and lovely !!!!"

"WOW!!!!!You are very VERY talanted!!^_^!!(a hole lot beter then me that's for shure..I guess I need to practice more...grrrrr.)"

"creativity is a definite 5It's not my type of art but it is beautifulthe work is definitely a 5 too"

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