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Nick Lepard  Vancouver, BC, Canada

'Together When We are a Part'
'The architect man'

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About Nick

Nick Lepard studied at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2008.

His most recent paintings explore the physicality of painting – both its application and its dependence on space in the real world. It does so through color, scale and gesture. The images are bright and playful in color, but macabre and grotesque in other aspects.

Lacking any clear spacial or formal boundaries, his images rest between creation and destruction. The intention behind this is to convey a kind of mortality, a symptom of the organic and traditional. In an increasingly digital world, painting is an evermore engaging art form, says Lepard.

His work has been exhibited across British Columbia and in California.

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"God these are so brilliant! Absolutely in love with "Together when we are apart". Would love to see a lot more of this! There seems to be potential to play with more vivid colors, just sayin. Stay chill ;)"

"Stunning paintings - I've been following his work since he was in art school and can't wait to see his next show. Wish I had snagged one back then!"

"I like it, intresting, not the best you have made, as other pieces shown on your site are better (matter of personal taste). Remind me of Francis Bacon (the painter, not the writer)."

"It it the humanity the artist captures that I find most striking."

"This meets my definition of art."

"Here is a better version of these paintings...."

"Wonderful artistic talent. I especially enjoyed your charcoal on paper series. Your thought process, time an effort is obvious in your work. Thanks for sharing."

"I detest the "codswallop" of some comments. I would purchase the second of these but anyone who would consider to buy the first must have no taste of true art."

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