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Lizzie Gill  Westchester, NY

'Tractor Dreams'
Oil & mixed media on canvas
'I Scream, You Scream'
Oil & mixed media on canvas

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About Lizzie

Lizzie Gill is a mixed media artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Her work explores themes of retro Americana in a contemporary context. Through a variety of mediums she illustrates a time warp, composed of everyday life, human agency and the disingenuous. The disingenuous nature of her work pertains to one’s ability to mislead through dress, speech or manner. Growing up in the digital age, this deception is often conducted behind a series of computer screens. This manipulation is also evident in her process. Her canvases are comprised of mixed media and oil, a process first approached through digital collage and then translated onto canvas. The imagery elicits notions of science fiction, with figures suspended in other dimensions, where natural laws, such as gravity, do not apply. Her work is a nostalgic look at both the American past and innocence with a twist, prompting one to question their sense of time and culture. Not everything is ever quite as it seems.

Lizzie is also the co-founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective. The Collectives goal is to bring attention to the medium of collage through an ever growing and dynamic group of artists who display a wide range of materials and styles.

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