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Shane Hart  Bellingham, WA

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Shane first began creating balanced stone sculptures in 1995 after seeing the art performed at San Diego’s Seaport Village. He is self-taught, integrating experiences with yoga, martial arts, and meditation into the art form. While living in San Diego most of his stone balancing was done at Cardiff by the Sea along highway 101. In 2003 he moved with his family to Bellingham WA, occasionally constructing stone sculptures during excursions into the Mt. Baker area and along local hiking trails. While putting up stones at a city park in January of 2007 an enthusiastic crowd formed, this strong public response has inspired frequent public works ever since. Shane is the founder of the rock balancing style known as Upala Yoga.

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"Shane your sculptures are so cool and did you get those rocks on top of each other."

"Wow this is so cool. It's calming and I like the top one where you can see the reflection of the sculptures in the water. Plus, the artist lives in my area. GO San Diego! Great sculptor and photographer."

"Really nice. I love the combination of water and rock which makes it both calm and strong. Congratulations on your art."

"I used to think this was fake?¦ it??s truly amazing that rocks can hold each other in such precarious forms. Organic art?¦ it??s somehow inspiring. What??s more amazing is that after hours of working on creating the sculptures you have to practice full detachment and walk away because you can??t take them with you. That is serious discipline!"

"Ah ha! Mystery solved. :-) I first enjoyed these sculptures while walking in Boulevard Park in Bellingham. They have this amazing sense of timelessness in person with the sound of the waves, the seagulls and the wind as part of them. Nice work on all levels."

"Stone beingswatching the waterso sweetlisa-Tulsa OK"


"Communication - between land and water, people and stone, past and present. Like sandcastles for the gods. Lovely!"

"The top picture IS waves. Just wonderful. Spiritual, but connected.Really amazing."

"i saw a guy at the san diego zoo who used to stack stones like this for tips and he didn't call it art."

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