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Hannah Ward  New York, NY

'Dead Weight'
Watercolor, guache, colored pencil
'It Hurts When You Wander'
Watercolor and guache

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About Hannah

Hannah Ward is a watercolour artist based in New York. Apart from painting, she also draws sculpts.

Using often diseased woodland animals from her local area as subjects, she explores the raw sensations of grief, intimacy, and sacrifice. She aims to convey a world where the grotesque becomes the enticing, where the otherwise morbid becomes the attractive.

Her paintings are equally inspired by dream imagery, childhood memories, and taxidermy practices. Ward wishes for the viewer to draw parallels between her paintings and the human condition, suggest the vulnerability of the body and the ease with which it can be overwhelmed or transformed.

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"its cool but its creepy all in one"

"Absolutely beautiful. Amazing work!"

"I really like these works and the others on Hanna's site. I think the vivid colours she sees in animal life are beautiful, and the watercolour adds to the feeling of vulnerability. Looking at her site I was reminded of Watership Down, and it made me think how much I'd enjoy seeing her art in a more narrative format. She's got me thinking about the lives (and deaths) of her woodland creatures; now I want to know more of their stories."



"it is so unique"


"A little to vio;ent for me and to much pink"

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