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Ferris Plock  San Francisco, CA

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About Ferris

Ferris Plock is an artist living and working in the city of San Francisco. His work is primarily character-based imagery that incorporates his passion for storytelling. Surrealist and seemingly innocent, Ferris’ work doesn’t subscribe to any particular genre. Based on sketches, his artwork more often than not incorporates animals or monsters in everyday human conditions- going to work, dodging splashes from cars, walking their pets, or some other scenario involving his amazing creatures.

As a kid, Ferris created comic books with the guidance of his two older brothers. The three brothers would create their own stories with their own sets of characters. Ferris found at an early age that he wanted to explore the characters that he was developing in his head. His mother was a school teacher that read often to him from her massive collection of children stories… These stories she read inspired him to write multiple stories and he developed hundreds of characters, each one of them with some humorous ending. He became deeply interested in writing in high school and worked at a comic book store with one of his brothers, often opting to trade his salary for comic books. With such an intense childhood filled with storytelling and character development, it is simple to see why Ferris creates his artwork with such an interest in telling a story.

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"It's cute in a hip-hop LAX- Hollywood/ Vegas kind of way. I would have given the jester a tat of something sick.he has chops. I like it it's funny. We need laughter somewhere remember when cartoons flourished was in a excuse me a depression correct? Enjoy!"

"Definitely made me think of this guy I recently met. And, the thoughts were good thoughts about both the pic and the guy."

"Sammylambs, I think you have identified a trend. Seriously, the young artists of today (and those who buy their art) seem to need this cartoon imagery.Perhaps, like the 1930s our world is just so overwhelming that a parallel cartoonuniverse is a satisfying escape. This is the first generation of the internet and computers. What is real with so many simulations, TV, and video games?Yes, the art is fun but let's not forget that much of it has a narrative quality, or refers to some literate source, which makes it illustrative fine art. Nothing pejorative in illustration when it is fine art and is not done for a client except the art buyer, not an art director. This issue is not settled but you have noted it correctly. What do others have to say about using cartoon-like imagery and motifs for art.I really like Ferriss's backgrounds best anyway. And his use of found objects."

"hey this is reall cool i lke it, i almst looks as if hes smoking a joint........heehehheeheheh"

"If you did a whole deck of cards like this King of Bling that would be dope."

"I like it."

"I guess across America the warped, modernized and whimsical fairy tale/comic book is dominating the art world. One sees it everywhere; I'd say about two-thirds of the artists featured on this site highlight broken-down fairy tale imagery.That being said, I love it! This artist could use a deeper website, and does he ONLY collaborate with other artists?? But overall, I like the fun of it and the Generation-X infused detachment in the characters."

"This is such a funny looking picture!"

"wow! these are awesome :3 i love your work! great color scheme and linework!"

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