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Mario D. Fischer  Vienna, Austria

'Royal Rumble'
Enamel pen on twenty-four acrylic layers, metal rods, bolt spacers
Silkscreened on ten acrylic layers, mdf pedestal, glossy coat

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About Mario D.

Mario David Fischer was born in 1982 in Austria. He studied at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in London before receiving an MA from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2010.

His works spans a range of mediums including a screenprinting and drawings on acrylic glass layers which create a three-dimensional sculpture.

His sculptures in particular, built out of transparent layers of acrylic, have the function of abstracting the human figure. He poses them in a way so that they confront each other when viewed straight on, but due to their fragmented construction there is another layer of confrontation in the very way the figures are made.

Fischer currently lives in Vienna.

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"Great work-love it!"

"very nice like that"



"A very odd media for expressing one's self- I like the transparency and rigid like feel of the postures each subject presents. The inherently broken outline this media creates is interesting as well- very open to interpretation."


"thtas cool"



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