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Sighn  Chicago, IL

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About Sighn

Working both in the streets and galleries alike, Sighn has been displaying his cut paper & wood phrases in galleries around the world. Recently, he embarked on a limited edition of 1 million hand cut pieces, that will take the next 30-50 years to complete. Each piece reads “Its OK” and is hand cut from bass wood.

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"i love the man pulling the chest open"

"I love it."


"Gorgeous work. I loved the stuff on your site even more, and the Its Ok project. Good stuff."

"He must be a very patient man... Seriously speaking, very very nice works!"

"It's an interesting piece...enough to get me to go to your web site to see the rest of your work. And I have to agree with the previous posts...I like these pieces but I FELL IN LOVE with the work on your website. The beauty, serenity, and humor of your work is something that I'm very attracted to. It's art that I can appreciate visually and it also makes me want to feel the texture of the wood. Very nice."

"excelente !!!!!!!"

"WOW!! what do they say?"

"the stuff on your site is incredibly strong, more so than this.It is really cool."

"I dig it-- this work is very unique..."

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