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Lacey Lewis  Kansas City, KS

'Lula Houp-Garou II'
Oil on panel
'Lucky DeLuxe'
Oil on canvas

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About Lacey

Lacey Lewis is a fine artist from Kansas City, MO.

She describes her work by saying, “In my recent works I explore themes related to costume and alter-egos. By depicting a variety of real-life performers from various genres, most often focusing on the reemerging burlesque subculture, I provoke that urge within to do something unconventional and become someone new, if only temporarily. I paint real yet fantastic individuals who eschew the ordinary as their costumes become their eccentricities and the lines between their stage characters and their actual selves blur. Ultimately, my hope is that these paintings allow the viewer to live vicariously through the subject and at least momentarily experience the feeling that they have run away with the circus.”

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"I get it, but I don't get it."

"Congrats Lacey, very well deserved!"

"Lacey, as a child, was always creative and expressive. As she grew her talent grew with her. Her paintings blow me away! I look forward to the future of this wonderful women, artist and friend!"

"Lacey... this is so terrific! Your art continues to astonish me - you just keep getting better and better. All the best!"

"Good for you Lacey, your work is awesome and im glad i've had the chance to see it in person, can't wait to see what you do next."

"Hey Lacey Congrats it is well deserved. You already know how I feel about your work and your show here at the gallery is fantastic! You should be proud of your achievements."

"Congrats Lacey! Your work is amazing."

"There's nothing I can say that adequately expresses how impressed I am with your work. It's like I'm looking into the future and seeing where I want to be as an artist. You deserve every complement you get here, Lacey. Take them to heart."

"Lacey, you really are AMAZING!!!"

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