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Harlan Erskine  New York, NY


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About Harlan

Over the past year I have combed the streets looking for convenience stores with common architectural details. This project is a collection of images that I made and produced in a limited number in conjunction with 20″x30″ prints all taken in Miami, FL in 2004. This project on the convenience store is concerned with the consumer culture of immediacy, 24-hour availability, information overload, and the loss of local identity. The images were made after midnight and photographed with a 4″x5″ view camera in a straight-on objective style. I was influenced in equal parts by the German photographic team of Bernd and Hilla Becher’s straight shoots of industrial landscapes and Ed Ruscha’s 1963 book Twenty Six Gasoline Stations. By shooting these stores in the same straight ahead angle it highlights the differences in each store’s product display and unique advertisements. I use a view camera because it provides ultra sharp detail and helps to create a window into each scene. By using a large format camera the scene contains vastly more detail than the human eye can digest at once. Thus, it is the ideal way to document the information overload of the Miami’Dade County landscape.

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"i feel like i stepped back in time to my 711 after dark for a slurpy and some benson and hedges"

"Looks like the gas station i robbed last week"

"um i walk by this gas station erryday. notin special doe"

"Its seven eleven, around the corner. jk jk. nice pics. looks like around my hood at night."

"gorgeous. i want one for something. let's talk."

"I thinking of buying the booklet from him check it out only $20 dollars in a small edition of 100."

"harlan has an excellent eye for design and photography! great shots & composition"

"anyone lived in Miami past decade knows Harlan is Love Doctor of photography already, ive seen some magic.. even these i see here arent photos, theyre movies.. yo Harlan you told me you were going back to school, but i thought u were lying and got a university teaching job wtf..yo give this kid every grant and award"

"it makes you look inside yourself. almost a reflection of what you might see, feel or wish. its to the point were you feel the intensity of the quiet and its like you looking at it in person but not there through a keyhole."

"the florescent lighting gives it an amazing atmosphere, almost filmic."

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