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Emiliano Granado  New York, NY

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About Emiliano

My main focus is studying people. Their relationships with themselves, with others, and their environments. I especially like studying subcultures and hidden events that most people haven’t heard of (including myself). Its almost like I’m using my camera as an excuse to be a cultural tourist.

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Kevin Cyr

New York, NY artist

"Emiliano Granado’s “At the Track” series intrigued me for its subject matter: blue collar and car culture. He was able to take a very ordinary subject matter and make stunning photos. He’s done the same with his other projects. Emiliano’s statement of being a cultural tourist and studying subcultures really resonates with me and I can find some truth in that sentiment in my own work."

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"Fantastic photography. There is more depth if field in your first picture than any lanscape I have seen to date."

"Nice snapshots."

"rsadler. check out the full show at his website. i think you'll see more than just individual snapshots."

"aren't those "headphones" for noise reduction? They are at some kind of race car rally and so close to the track. Those cars can be dangerously loud."

"Two men talking while wearing headphones. Bravo!!! Makes one think. I have seen two girls talking to each other on their cell phones while walking side by side. Getting a great photo sometimes depends on simply being at the right spot at the right time. Keep shooting and never leave your camera at home."

"I am given a story not just an image, complex iteraction in time frozen. One is able to see into a world not their own! If one focuses their attention in differnt areas of the image they realize a story in a story. The artist has CLEVERLY disquised this in what appears to be a snapshot. FINE WORK! keep shooting."

"Emiliano, treads a dangerous path, that others have tread before. To keep it art, and not casual snapshots of an amateur socio-tourist. Emiliano must organize it into a book. Only in the context of a book would these individual photos rise above mere snapshots. It is sociology, sub-culture tourism, journalism, documentary. Keeping it art requires a book or article for context. A single photo is casual. It will be given more power by its neighbors.In the truth and beauty equation, this is heavier on the truth than beauty. Consolidating the fotos will increaqse the beautiful part of the equation. Once you have a mass then the individual fotos will be uplifted and made more beautiful as individuals."

"There are only a handful of photographers that really grab my attention. I really enjoyed Granado's body of work. There is a very real/documentary feel to these images. They depict everyday life yet don't have that "snap shot" quality to them. Nice work."

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