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Jan Abt  New York, NY

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About Jan

Jan Abt is a New York based sculptor. Currently most of his work concerns itself with abstract figuration. Some work is also non-figurative but still has organic or aquatic references.

In May of 2011 he completed his Masters of Fine Arts program at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. He is currently working out of his studio in Long Island City, Queens, NY.

Jan describes his work by saying, “The more time I spend making sculpture, the more meaningful dialogues I hope to enter into with the works of past artists that speak to me. Over time I have discovered a special affinity for Aristide Maillol, Hans Arp, Henri Matisse, Henri Laurens, Marino Marini, Pablo Picasso, early Henry Moore, Gaston Lachaise and Alberto Giacometti. I would think of my work as more of an unconscious response to the immediate experience of working from life then pushing any one idea deliberately. When making sculpture I think there are external-perceptual and internal-psychological mechanisms at work and ideally they complement one another and result in a personalized “look and feel”! On the external-perceptual plane the model first and foremost provides me with a physical structure to work with, its orientation in space, gravity, etc. This external part takes care of the look aspect. I hope my work can generate enough of an experience so that a viewer can empathize with it and thus become an active participant versus passive observer.”

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"Jan's work invites you to immediately relate and respond to the humanity with which he sees the human form. It's a very compassionate expression and refreshing to see in an age of art that seems to be dominated by impatience, pretentious visual noise and aggression. Bravo Jan!"

"whimsical, creative, and beautiful...lovely balance of the real and the pretend, the volumptous, the innocence...I have a beautiful piece from Jan of floating ballerinas...and they always get a look! Barry X Ball would be proud!"

"Lovely combination of whimsical and realism - nice balance of work. Barry Ball would be very proud!"

"Wonderful sense of play coupled with amazing craftsmanship and studies licenses of creativity...I have seen Jan Abt's work evolved over the last 5 years and they keep getting better and better.Wonderful..."

"unrealistic looking"


"i love it"

"its funny and interesting at the same time"

"it is funny"

"Jan Abt studied the Great Masters and developed his own style.Aspects of Maillot, Moore, Brancusi, Lembruck, Botero, Picasso, Rodin and Arp come to my mind and yet it is art which stands by itself. I followed Jan Abt's work over the Years and like these powerful recent sculptures."

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