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Haike Weber  Cologne, Germany

Carpet cut out
Window-color on pins

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About Haike

Heike Weber was born in Germany in1962. She produces lacquer-pen on paper with interwoven shapes much like those in the floor installations and cutout pieces. She is a versatile artist,a photographer making also installations and sculptures. Weber creates large scale pieces using heavy repetition. Her recent work leverages markers and acrylic paint to transform boring floors and walls into eye catching pieces of art. While she does painting and drawings on paper, her installations using permanent marker across floors and walls (in areas sometimes larger than 5,000 square feet) are quite amazing and beautiful.

“It’s absolutely important that the people walk on and through my floor and room drawings. I am interested in floating states, the breakup of solidly conjoined structures. I try to physically integrate the viewer into my ”pictures”. For example, my walk-over floor and space drawings are meant to make the visitor aware of his existence and conscious of his own person by means of how insecure he feels when walking across them. The pictures become metaphors.” says Weber.

Heike Weber currently lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

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"I feel it is also a commentary on desensitizing. When a person first interacts with the piece they are very careful and not sure if they should step on it or around it and are very tentative with how they react to this piece. After they are in the room for awhile and view others coming in and others that have been there longer, they start to feel a comfort level and will perceive the circles as part of the room and therefore not be as sensitive to them."

"Great piece of work modern and sefisticated."


"Looks like a Target commercial"

"I like it"


"Red circled!!"

"cool i like that"

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