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Kepa Rasmussen  Glasgow, UK

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About Kepa

Coming from a background in graphic design Kepa is now primarily working with wearable sculpture,
a medium which has resulted in a distinctive body of work and many collaborations with individuals and groups across Europe. The sculptures and masks are papier maché with a varied and innovative mixed media.

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"I love the second one, it is like a memory of errors in a person's life. The first looks as if she is ready to eat of the creature before her or it may attack her, hard to deside which."

"Beautiful - stunning work. I like it very much!"

"I like this. It's feels science fiction. I like the way it's out of the box and a little sureal. The photos are works of art themselves."

"This is stunning work. I really like it!"

"Me likes it a lot! :-)Keep on the great work!"

"This was beautifully done. All the details are what makes this piece stand-out rather than its subject matter."

"I think this is just amazing. It's different from everything else I've seen before - I admit it's weird, but that's because in my eyes it is new and different. Check out his website, thats really mad!"

"lalalala - I like it"

"It reminds me of what Greek theater only wishes they could've had/done. :D"

"I know this is don't with all serious and quality but I just gotta snicker."

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