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Douglas McDougall  London, UK

'Garbed for disco'
Charcoal on 300gsm Snowdon cartridge
'Capricious love'
Charcoal on 300gsm Snowdon cartridge

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About Douglas

Douglas explains his work by saying, “My medium is charcoal/graphite on 300gsm Snowdon Cartridge, it’s a combination of drawing/painting/sculpture with a nod towards the discipline of ‘trompe l’oeil’. An ongoing tribute to the classical history of drawing. Being very much influenced in my early years by the vision, technical prowess and theatre conjured by select masters such as Caravaggio, Guthrie, Rembrandt and Velazquez, I now find myself pushing to hunt down and encapsulate the almost jolting theatre of ambiance evoked when viewing a classical masterpiece. The real purpose or vocation in this art, my art, is to try and unleash some of that haunting historical beauty. Excavate with a purpose so that it links to the very atmospheric of the vivid memories I have as a young boy viewing such works for the very first time. To manage the sublime emotion, press on and encourage the wizard of a fresh new dynamic. Take the classical drawing medium of charcoal on paper and push it to an absolute extreme. “

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'Eye Contact'





1 comment from the artist

"Yeah there's a lot of people out there telling me the work looks like a photograph (photorealistic),and it certainly comes across in this manner via the internet. I believe when experienced in the flesh the nature of the language used to translate image is understood in quite different terms. It still comes across as ultimately lucid or hyper-real, but this is by the impact of a non conventional drawing/sculpting/neurotic technical speak that instigates the nature of the originator's method of fielding processes/imagination > a visual spectacle and initial bluff. And with this I wish to provide the spectator with some sense of nostalgic idea, a particular terrain which may lead them to a place of personal fantasy/reality. These works are landscapes of the psyche > an artist's studio journey and an introduction into using the subject matter/sitter as a vessel of transit. psychology for the self. Regardless of the narrative i pin to each study and push into the forum. One has to find ones own place in there, trip out on 'ego' a little before trying to understand where you think I'm going with it. If you take a trip down my blog you get an introduction to where my starting point is on this > where I take it from after there is firmly locked on island consciousness. If I were to over analyse, winkle out the very key that unlocks that which laces the way. Then i do the critic's job for them,and in doing so i break my own spell..."

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"It's Amazing!"

"love how this peice makes me feel as if it was out of the screen truly wonderful"

"What a wonderful face, thank you."

"...not your grandfather's charcoal drawing..."

"A face like no other"

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