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Joyce Polance  Chicago, IL

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Joyce

Joyce Polance is an artist from Chicago, IL who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York.

Joyce explains her work by saying, “I depict subjects who are in various states of emergence from patterns that have had a negative impact on their lives, often a past inability to experience support and nurturing through traditional families. Instead, support is found through friendships and other peer relationships. The most recent pieces explore the complexities that ensue as women engage in relationships that speak both to their original and their new (or substitute) families. My paintings explore a range of emotions such as tenderness, sexual tension, jealousy, sadness, and anger – suggesting that even in a transformed world, life is messy. Both the large scale of the figures and the thick, layered application of paint are meant to create an arresting visual presence echoing the internal strength of the figures. I paint the women naked to suggest their willingness to change and be vulnerable, while simultaneously embracing their sexuality and bodies. The women take ownership of both their femininity and their power. My objective is to challenge the viewers to question their own assumptions about strength, beauty and intimacy.”

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"Joyce is an incredibly gifted artist. I feel drawn into her work with its realism and textures."

"I don't know exactly how I got to you, but I find it very timely for me. thank you"

"did someone die or are they just extremly sad for no reason"

"They look so sad and lonely"

"The technique and execution are outstanding. The emotions conveyed through the expressions & gestures of the subjects are fantastic."

"When I first viewed the painting- Guard, I thought the woman in pain was going through childbirth, the pain in her face was extreme, now that I think about it maybe she is in some sort of birth, getting rid of a burden for example. The large woman in the front bothers me, it looks like the viewer is interrupting a private moment."

"what wonderful work, it reminds me of stanley spencer`s"


"the blue make this piece, great work !"

"Her most recent work is worthy of the highest praise. Totally consistent throughout."

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