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Alex Devereux  Chicago, IL

'Corner garage'
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas

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About Alex

Alex Devereux’s art seeks to explore a quiet significance and hidden beauty in commonplace contemporary objects and locations. Central to his art are a fascination with compelling subtleties of everyday subjects and a reverent appreciation for the unexamined details of time and place.

One of his recurring themes is a rural American landscape embodying a quiet pathos of abandonment and decay expressed in still images of rundown gas stations, lifeless general stores, weathered signage, and sprawling railroad yards. Ranging from lurid neon to incandescent urban glare, subtle variations of atmospheric and artificial lighting accentuate the quiet simplicity of his landscapes.

Devereux seeks out the overlooked and has a relentless fascination with such details as peeling paint on an old abandoned storefront or the fleeting shadows and eerie luminescence of old street lamps. The careful melding of naturalistic and idealized subject matter is designed to evoke contemplation and memory. Each subject presents a unique challenge —an opportunity to discover a hidden essence. These subjects typically represent vintage mid-America – an era of implied simplicity.

Devereux has been painting and drawing for as along as he can remember. He studied Illustration and graphic design at the Academy Of Art, Chicago. His biggest inspiration growing up was his grandfather who was a commercial artist for Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Nabisco- to name a few.

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"i was drawn-in immediately, then sent deeper into comtemplation. daydreaming"

"I was raised in an era when views such as these were common place. These works first take my heart back to that place and time...then my mind follows. This is exactly what I expect from art."

"Im in love with these, his website is a must see!"

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