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Will Barras  London, UK

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About Will

Barras’ confident experimentation results in impressive brush strokes that lend a sense of tremendous momentum, particularly when paired with his astonishingly vibrant color palette. “I often use muted colors at first and build it up with washes of paint; I kind of move from one color to another, moving through the palette like it’s a journey.” Sometimes the backdrop of a piece is dark and looming, with a sudden injection of bright tones in places “to make it pop.” It is this heightened contrast that makes Barras’ pieces explode from the confines of their canvas. Perhaps the artist describes it best himself, however, likening his work to “being strapped to the front of a passenger train which is on a collision course with another train.”

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"Oh please! Whatever happened to reality? Were you ever happy? I'm glad some people love your work. I don't mean to hurt your feelings."

"I don't know who did this but its good and whatever you're doing keep doing it because you are GREAT at it"

"Oh my. So THIS is love."

"a message to will barras:a felt that the top painting of the two featured here was far more than worthy of a poem being written about it. it is an amazing piece. the way the brust-strokes blend together, so that there really aren't any defining lines, but more this rush and blur of motion. the blue wash is a fine addition, and adds an emotion to the piece that likely wouldn't have been there before. (: great work.and, the inner-city rushA feeling of fallingA thousand voices calling,Really I??m lost.Rain in the cityIs lost in the smoke and the fogThe smog, the exhaustThe pure exhaustionThat comes from not stopping,And the rain comes down like acid.Burning holes in the soulsOf the poor folkWho didn??t knowEnough to get out of the way.Blank faces go to blank buildingsAnd do their cold-hearted dealingsAnd cars,No two the same,But all without changeDrive down the freewayTo and from and going nowhere.Faces stareWith blank eyesWhile the soul is screaming:This is a bold-faced lie!Somewhere is freedomSomewhere is peopleKilling and feelingAnd dying and trying,And living and breathingAnd just plain existingIn a world that knows how toStop!When it wants to.A world that knows howto kick off its shoesAnd dance barefoot in summer mudA world that doesn??t feel the painOf acid rain.There is a feeling of fallingOf stoppingOf stallingA glitch in operationsAnd the whole world stands stillWhile the sun tears a hole in the sky."

"fantastic work, you can feel the movement"

"i love the first painting.. its like a retospective way of looking at ways of transportation... i love the use of color and the flowing lines... each line draws my eye to another one that takes me in a completely different direction... i also like the way no one object is given its own color scheme but rather the whole painting is a whole thought of mixed objects"

"These Peices are amazing! I am getting whiplash after looking at them. There is so much emotion captured on to each of them. With the first one, I feel rushed, like having to race and beat the traffic of the city."

"I love your pieces! They have great energy and layering. I agree with your work process description. It is like being on the front of a train!best, Anne"

"I love this piece;it's like the paper tore open to reveal some colorful, chaotic world underneath"

"These are among the most unique, creative, paintings I have ever seen. They are of such complexity and have so strong an impact on my thoughts and emotions that I want to continue looking at them. And they still manage to be beautiful as well. I'm so impressed."

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