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Lena Schmidt  Hamburg, Germany

'56th Street Night'
Marker on wood
'Arambol Near Petrol Pump'
Marker, acrylic paint, enamel on wood, carved and scratched into wood

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About Lena

Lena Schmidt is a Hamburg, Germany based artist who was born in Bremen. She studied Fine Art at the Hochschule für Bildenden Kunste Hamburg.

The images of dark, wet, empty nighttime urban streets are haunting, populated by power lines and the harsh light of an uncovered street lamp. However, the canvas that Lena Schmidt uses are pieces of found wood, which she works on with marker and knifes to come up with her cityscapes—all of that eerie light, the brick facades, the watery streets are created by drawing and scraping, all in tones of off-white and black. Schmidt calls her artworks urbanscapes—they refer to places that generate themselves from nonplaces, she says, from the transit zones of the city, traffic interchanges, road systems, crossroads and deserted old industrial brick buildings.

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"I really like your surrealistic synthesis of human- and land- scapes."

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