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Sarah Shaw  Brighton, UK

'Rorschach Head II'

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About Sarah

Sarah is a painter living in Brighton, UK. She earned a B.A. in Fine Art from the Falmouth College of Art.

Sarah explains here work by saying, “My work hovers in a place between figuration/non-figuration which allows the viewer the space to impose their own interpretation. It comes from a very quiet place, almost a place of meditation, where metaphorical or symbolic images/barriers/passages are explored in the painterly dialogue to speak of some of the conditions of being human and also of the concept of living through time. My process seems to always revolve around the building up and stripping down of imagery, exploring different painterly languages then reducing down to the lowest denominator where an edgy quietness falls. They are not whole images, but snatches of images, sounds and thoughts, forming into coherence briefly like a painterly slideshow of memory.”

Recommended by our guest curators

Seth Orion Schwaiger

Glasgow, Scotland artist

"Shaw’s paintings sneak right up to the classical formulas of beauty and composition, and then quickly back away again leaving the viewer wanting. She dangles completion in front of the onlooker like an unreachable carrot. While this palpable manipulation is at times uncomfortable, its reflection in contemporary life is equally so. The works evokes the emotions of incompleteness and wanting that can riddle this over-promised and unfulfilled 3rd millennium reality."

Patrick Bremer

Berlin, Germany artist

"Being from my hometown of Brighton, I love seeing the landscapes I grew up in through her eyes. They hold a beautiful, quiet, childhood nostalgia, visualizing faint memories that pop up and then drift away through the layers of paint."

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"hey all..just discovered this site! Thanks for all your comments! much appreciated X you can follow me on facebook if you like...SShawPainting (thanks again!)"

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