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Brittany Kathryn Knapp  New York, NY

Wood burning painting
Wood burning painting

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About Brittany Kathryn

Brittany Kathryn Knapp is a New York, NY based artist who mixes wood burning and painting into her works.

Brittany describes her work by saying, “In an attempt to bring the subjects to life in my wood-burnings, I decided to cut out and project the figure into space. The shadows produced by the projections are of interest to me. We have a shadow in the place and circumstance we are in currently, and we casted shadows in the places and circumstances we were in before. Contemplating the reality of myself as evident in my shadow gave new meaning to the technique I utilize. The shadow is a convincing statement that I was once there, these things did happen to me, and I can be proud of myself for making it through such difficult times.”

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1 comment from the artist

"Thanks Ineff! Really good suggestion. Where can I find this wood? I imagine I could work faster by using a material that burns darker and easier. These are projected pieces, mounted and brought out from the background producing an actual shadow. I am not certain how I can cover them with glass."

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"Incredible work!!!"

"Ms. Knapp-Try burning on tupalo, silver maple, boxelder or holly. The blacks are blacker and the figure of the wood isn't quite as benign as birch. Also, you should know that NOTHING fades as fast as pyrography, so your work needs to be behind museum or conservation glass ('cause nothing else works) and absolutely kept away from direct sunlight or, worse yet, any fluorescent light. Good draftsmanship...consistent technique...not bad burnings at all."

"Very nice collection..."

"interesting...looks like you are falling or in some great distress maybe."


"You could create the shadow with, or without the illusion. Peter Pan had a similar preoccupation."

"These are pretty good. I've never tried wood burning before, but I bet it is very difficult"

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