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Diana Debord  Novara, Italy

'Manuscript Found in a Bottle'

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About Diana

Diana Debord is a photographer based in Novara, Italy who’s work has been described as surreal, conceptual, dreamy and whimsical.

Diana explains her work by saying, “As a child I was more interested in insects, astronomy and ghosts than dolls, I’ve always felt attracted to obscurity. I use photography to show this hidden side of me, without fears. Nature reminds us of its cycle with seasons, but humans often forget they belong to this cycle of life and death. The more we feel modern, we see violence everywhere and are anesthetized; the more we lose contact with nature and keep death covert, the inner skeleton resting under our warm flesh. I like to create images that merge decadent romanticism with dreamlike atmospheres, drawing inspiration from dreams or nightmares, paintings and books. I work with self-portraiture and portraiture, showing ethereal women in fantastic scenery, with a touch of gloominess. My photos are packed with vivid colours, symbols and natural elements, just like dreamscapes captured by my camera.”

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"Thank you Diana. Your view, your style and your thinking is amazing and thankfully. I had to look at your work for a long time. I have a suggestion although I looked just 2 simple of your works. I understand You emphasized on some parts of faces of your portraits same as eyes and lips. Usually they have makeup and you emphasized on shape, color and beauty of lips and eyes. This part is different from the meaning of your work. In this way your work will become like market or journalistic art. (I don’t know the term of this works. I mean some works which paint just for selling and showing and their artistic part is poor)Be painter"



"love the koi and nice style"

"I admire your photography."






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