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Joshua Adam Risner  Alto, MI

'Above or undergloom'
'Retreating from the hunt'

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About Joshua Adam

Joshua Risner graduated from Ashland University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. His major area of study was painting with a minor in art history and a strong emphasis in philosophical studies.

Joshua explains his work by saying, “My artwork represents a desire to synthesize my fragmented understanding of reality into a meaningful whole. This idea is realized in both concept and form through a juxtaposing of symbols and techniques from the past and the present. The result is artwork that looks like it could be from the past, but speaks a language that could only come from the present. Although my desire is for a purposeful existence, my everyday experiences do not always support such a desire. Many of my experiences are characterized by inconsistencies and contradictions that seemingly void life of meaning and purpose. My artwork is the materialization of the process within me that seeks to unify the meaningless pieces and parts of my reality by revealing similarities and connections amongst seemingly isolated fragments. This reveals purpose and meaning where it was not at first evident. This is an ongoing process of discovery that is never completely realized. However, it provides me with hope and consolation by continually revealing a more purposeful reality than previously realized. My artwork counters my incomplete subjective human experience.”

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"Joshua, your work is magnificent! It sure seems to me you have a purpose in this life! I am glad your work is available to see and experience. You have an exceptional imagination. I love everything you bring to your work and the final result. Keep up the good spirit!"

"Love your work Josh. You should be in NY."

"I love it. To me art is always how to look at something differently, and the best art does that and also makes you think differently, if only for a minute to consider a different perspective. This accomplished that for me. Congratulations on your work."

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